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Over the years Bob Romero has had the opportunity to work for and with the top cadre of Motion Picture personnel in the world.

He has worked with award winning industry giants including Orson Welles, Barbara Stanwyck, James Stewart, Kevin Costner and Henry Fonda to name a few.

Bob specializes in custom hand laid facial hair pieces with 'no lace'. He is one of the major intructors for artifical hair goods in the U.S. and internationally. He also owns one of the largest collections of hair goods available for rental and he can custom design and make whatever your project requires with his favorite character being Santa Claus.

He originally studied under his father, Ray Romero, who was the 'first' apprentice in the motion picture bussiness in 1926.

Bob serves on The Board of Trustees for local 706 I.A.T.S.E. and has been selected to present seminars for the Joe Blasco Professional Makeup Artists Training Center. You can click this link to find out more about Mr. Romero's seminars.


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